You scratch our back, we’ll scratch yours – The objective behind web linking


Welcome all newcomers to the world-wide web, where nearly anything you can imagine can be found whether it be literature, pictures, or people you have lost contact with. Many times that the web is searched for information, we find ourselves easily being taken to other areas of interest that help explain our search. These routes in which we take are called links or hyperlinks. Click on the purple underlined word for more information and an example. A link can help your company or cause by giving information, connecting you to sponsor websites, and adding extra information that may not be readily available on your page. According to Jeff Jarvis, a blogger for, you should always “Cover what you do best. Link to the rest”. The internet is referred to as the world-wide web for a reason. It is necessary for web pages to reach out and direct the audience in other directions, according to Jay Rosen, a journalism professor at NYU, it is a way of “connecting people to knowledge”.

When you post on the web, you want people to notice and recommend your site to others. In order to make that connection with the audience, you need to connect them to other areas of information that you are not able to provide in detail as well. That is where the link is necessary. The “web” area of world-wide web refers to the connection between people to people,  information and people, business and business, sponsor and business, and etc. Macy’s learned by example from Santa in the movie clip from Miracle on 34th Street. Shoppers  like the fact that a store or business cares not only about the profit that they will make from the product that they carry, but they care about the consumer personally and will go above and beyond to make sure that the customer is getting exactly what they want.  The initial reaction to this behavior was a fear of losing their clientele. but they were quite pleased to see the result from the actions of Santa. Gaining the respect of the customers is a very crucial element in the equation. It is comparable to a spider web of information that users are able to connect to find all aspects of the information in which they are seeking. Your page’s way of “reaching out” to others could actually make your page more credible since you are using examples of others who agree or disagree with what you are saying. As an organization for a cause, you could link to the opposing views and their negative aspects to really make your explanation an “in your face” type of reality, and as a business, you can link to other products or information that are comparable or even comparison results from those who have used your service or products. When linking, there are no rules. You have the ability to make any page open to the public readily available for your audience. It saves them the hassle of searching for comparable information or opposing information. It shows that you are not afraid to put all the facts out there for them to see. As stated before, it can help to build your credibility, and in return other web pages will start to also link to yours and make your page available to those who would have never have discovered or searched for it on their own. Linking  is almost a “you scratch our back, we’ll scratch yours” way of  how users can build audiences from site to site.


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