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I apparently did my linking technique wrong on the last blog. I am going to attempt to do it correctly this time.


Some more interesting links that I found to add to my Storify piece will include the following:

I really like how this site gives statistics and an individual breakdown of each site.

As impressed as I am with myself for adding that last link, I have no clue how I did it and am unable to add the rest to this blog.

This post is to be continued…


Some links I found to my Storify piece


I have decided to do my Storify piece on fun facts about social media. Here are a few links to some interesting articles I found. Enjoy!!

The site above lists different social media sites and statistics categorized for each one.

I was amused and found that the “infographics” on this page were not only eye catching, but the facts are interesting also.

This page was one of the first I found and I liked some of the information that is listed.

This article has some surprising facts, and I liked reading the comments.

I found that there are four different posts all related to one another by this user. Though there are only four stories total and it has not been updated in 2 months, I like some of the quotes and information.